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Только зашел в квартиру, приехав с Орла, куда возили деда на ПЭТ КТ, как позвонили, что дядя, похоже, сломал шейку бедра в станице.
И вот как это выгребать я уже не представляю. Ни по деньгам ни по срокам.

P.S. А вдоль дороги заросли борщевика и картофель на огородах цветет.
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Malware Data Science: Attack Detection and Attribution

Malware Data Science explains how to identify, analyze, and classify large-scale malware using machine learning and data visualization.

Security has become a "big data" problem. The growth rate of malware has accelerated to tens of millions of new files per year while our networks generate an ever-larger flood of security-relevant data each day. In order to defend against these advanced attacks, you'll need to know how to think like a data scientist.

In Malware Data Science, security data scientist Joshua Saxe introduces machine learning, statistics, social network analysis, and data visualization, and shows you how to apply these methods to malware detection and analysis.

You'll learn how to:
- Analyze malware using static analysis
- Observe malware behavior using dynamic analysis
- Identify adversary groups through shared code analysis
- Catch 0-day vulnerabilities by building your own machine learning detector
- Measure malware detector accuracy
- Identify malware campaigns, trends, and relationships through data visualization

Whether you're a malware analyst looking to add skills to your existing arsenal, or a data scientist interested in attack detection and threat intelligence, Malware Data Science will help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Немного .Net 19 (TensorFlowSharp, утверждена спецификация C#, Compare DB)

1. TensorFlow - Creating C# Applications using TensorFlowSharp

"This article aims to demonstrate how to make the best use of Python for training a model and .NET to build a hypothetical end user application which consumes the trained model."

2. C# language specification approved

"Ecma International has approved the sixth edition of the C# language specification, with language author Microsoft citing a more open process in the development of the specification.

Known officially as ECMA-334, the sixth edition of the C# language specification was ratified last week. The main aspect of the C# 6 spec focuses on producing the standard text, Microsoft said. The Ecma TC49-TG2 task group behind the specification, which Microsoft participates in, has moved the source of the standard to the Markdown format, from which a PDF can produced, and hosts it in an open source repository under the .NET Foundation."

3. Easy Compare DB

"This script connects to two SQL Server databases and compare them. This is especially useful when we have a development database and a production database, and we want to know the changes that must be made before sending to production."

Real-Time Malware Process Detection and Automated Process Killing

Real-Time Malware Process Detection and Automated Process Killing

Perimeter-based detection is no longer sufficient for mitigating the threat posed by malicious software. This is evident as antivirus (AV) products are replaced by endpoint detection and response (EDR) products, the latter allowing visibility into live machine activity rather than relying on the AV to filter out malicious artefacts. This paper argues that detecting malware in real-time on an endpoint necessitates an automated response due to the rapid and destructive nature of some malware. The proposed model uses statistical filtering on top of a machine learning dynamic behavioural malware detection model in order to detect individual malicious processes on the fly and kill those which are deemed malicious. In an experiment to measure the tangible impact of this system, we find that fast-acting ransomware is prevented from corrupting 92% of files with a false positive rate of 14%. Whilst the false-positive rate currently remains too high to adopt this approach as-is, these initial results demonstrate the need for a detection model that is able to act within seconds of the malware execution beginning; a timescale that has not been addressed by previous work."

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Деда нужно вести на обследование в Орел в июле. Что-то я ни во что не вписываюсь ни по деньгам ни по срокам.
И нужно покупать рабочий ноут с этой кочевой жизнью, хотя терпеть не могу работать с ноута.


Похоже нашел баг в PdfSharpCore. Не открывает некоторые файлы созданные в MacOS Quartz. А Adobe открывает на без проблем. И файлы такие, что авторам не скинешь, да и время не то. Либу менять? Не открылось одной пробуем другой?